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NameMedicine Carousel
Last updatedThu Apr 20 2023
CreatedThu Apr 20 2023


The web interface for the IoT medicine carousel is designed to be user-friendly and responsive, allowing caregivers to easily manage patients, medicines, and timeslots. The interface is built using Laravel, a popular PHP framework known for its robustness and scalability. It provides a seamless and intuitive experience for caregivers to interact with the carousel and efficiently assign medications to patients.

The interface allows caregivers to add patients to the system and link them to a specific carousel. Caregivers can input patient details such as name, age, and address, and associate them with a particular medicine carousel.

Once patients are added, caregivers can manage medications for each patient through the interface. They can add medicines, specify instructions, and assign them to specific timeslots on the carousel. The interface allows caregivers to easily schedule and edit medication timings based on the patient's prescription and requirements.


The IoT medicine carousel is a physical device powered by an ESP32 microcontroller. It is designed to hold 14 slots, with only one slot open at a time for medication dispensing. The device is controlled by the server through the Laravel interface, which communicates with the ESP microcontroller to trigger the opening and closing of slots based on the medication schedule.

The device is equipped with actuators to control the rotation of the carousel wheel and the opening/closing of slots. The ESP microcontroller interacts with these sensors and actuators to precisely position the carousel wheel and ensure smooth and efficient medication dispensing.

The device we built was created as a cardboard proof of concept to demonstrate the functionality and feasibility of the system. While the cardboard prototype was not intended for long-term use, it provided a cost-effective and quick way to validate the concept and gather feedback from stakeholders.